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Science based technology enhances your own personal well-being daily.

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The Ark, cylindrical and quartz-coated, focuses energy on the human etheric field, enhancing body and psychological connections

Our technology is based on scientific research and practice of Kozyrev-Kaznacheev mirrors. Mirrors have been used for 30 years in scientific-experimental works carried out under the guidance of Kaznacheev V.P

> 30% of energy

Invest in a session with the Arche Capsule for a 30% boost in energy, leading to heightened vitality and productivity

Energy Boost
Enhanced Vitality
Productivity Surge

3-5 sessions

After 3-5 sessions, enjoy stabilized focus and a resilient mindset, leading to clearer thinking and purposeful determination

Steady Focus
Positive Mindset
Emotional Balance

100% of energy

Commit to weekly Arche Capsule sessions for 100% energy, peak performance, and unwavering vigor in endeavors

Peak Performance.
Long-Term Vitality
Optimal Wellness

Services that improve the welfare and health of society, dazed on innovative technologies.

We help people to discover their potential for health and well-being, harmonize physiological processes and improve general condition.
Elimination of Neuro-Emotional Stress

Within the Chamber The Ark, release accumulated tension and emotional burdens using advanced technology. Experience a newfound sense of emotional freedom and balance.

Activation of Creativity

In the Chamber The Ark, unlock your creative potential and awaken your imagination. This nurturing space fosters free-flowing ideas and inspired artistic expression.

Increasing Efficiency

The Chamber The Ark boosts cognitive abilities, providing clarity and focus. This enhancement leads to greater productivity, allowing precise and effortless task completion.

Improving Human Health

Experience holistic well-being and revitalized health through sessions in the Chamber The Ark. Benefit from boosted vitality, enhanced immunity, and a balanced body and mind.

Introductory consultation

Briefing and analysis of your general condition and needs, in order to create a personal recovery plan for your body and mental health.
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Questions & Answers

How does it works?

Your own energy is the source of regeneration and harmony. Сhamber helps you to shut down outside vibrations and open your own potential of health, clear mind, energy balance and well-being. While you are inside the chamber, your mind, soul and body regenerate with the reflection of its own energy. You also achieve more energy after.

We show you how it changes with biometric measurement before and after the session. In one session every person is going to get at least 30% more energy that it was before the session. 

What kind of technology is used in the chamber?

Kozyrev Mirrors, named after the renowned Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev, represent a fascinating and enigmatic subject in the realm of scientific anomalies. These devices, initially conceived in the mid-20th century, have generated substantial intrigue due to their purported ability to manipulate time and consciousness. Let’s delve into the history of Kozyrev Mirrors, their theoretical underpinnings, and the evidence surrounding their effects.

Who is Nikolai Kozyrev?

Nikolai Kozyrev, born in 1908, was a visionary astrophysicist who made significant contributions to our understanding of time and the cosmos. In the 1950s, Kozyrev began experimenting with mirrors that he believed had the capacity to interact with the fabric of spacetime. He posited that these mirrors could bend time and consciousness, potentially opening the door to a range of unprecedented phenomena.

What is the foundation of technology?

The mirrors was rooted on the nature of time itself. Time was not an abstract concept but a physical, dynamic entity. Now, time, like matter and energy, could be harnessed and manipulated. Kozyrev postulated that mirrors, when properly configured and activated, could influence the flow of time and even exhibit antigravitational effects.

Experimental evidence suggests that his mirrors had intriguing effects. Reports from individuals who participated in mirror experiments have claimed altered states of consciousness, precognition, and even levitation-like experiences.

How long does the session go?

Standard session goes 30 or 60 mins. You can do more, but it depends on your goals and condition.

How many sessions should I get?

We give your personal plan after the first diagnosis. Every person has different starts and goals, so the best decision is to try the first free chamber session and consultation with our specialists.

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